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Gloria is the Director of Astronomical Services. She has worked in astronomy education for over twenty five years. Working in the education department of an observatory in New Zealand, Gloria has developed a programme suitable for pupils of all ages that is curriculum based.
She is a past Council member and Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, Council member and Secretary of the Auckland Astronomical Society and past Director of the New Plymouth Astronomical Society.


Max is the office dog. He is a proud Lowchen and protects the office from UFO's (unidentified feline objects, but he is OK with our cat) and acts as an unofficial food taster. If it's food it needs tasting. Max's home away from home is the local kennels. He loves going playing with his doggie friends and gets excited when the car is being packed.

    Dog Max


Dexter is Max's playmate. He is an English Springer Spaniel and is the (un)official watch dog. He does not like cats. Dexter is not impressed when he goes into kennels when I am away from home for a while. He is a jumper so is often found in other dogs' runs in the mornings. He can't wait to come home after his "holiday".

    Dog Dexter

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